Finding DLL files in the GAC

1 minute read Oct 14, 2011 Comments
So last night I was working on a project where I needed a specific version of a .net assembly that was installed somewhere on my system, but I could not locate it by a common search. Whenever I would open up C:\Windows\Assembly\ I could see the file and the multiple versions that I had installed. However, from that window, you can not copy the files out. All I wanted, was to copy the file to my local source branch, and include it in source control.

Sprint iPhone 4S pre-order fiasco

5 minute read Oct 7, 2011 Comments
So like many people, I wanted the new iPhone 4S. Since the wife unit is on Sprint, and I’m on AT&T, we started looking at plans. Sprint offers a nicer family plan and lets her upgrade to a smartphone, while letting me have the iPhone. So we decided to make the switch, and do the pre-order. I called last night to verify the ordering process, and make sure that I could still get the $200 price while not using her upgrade credit.

Origin of the name "Pentium"

1 minute read Sep 2, 2011 Comments
I was reading about x86 assembly, and stumbled upon the origin of the name “Pentium”. I never knew it was due to course disallowing the trademarking of the term “80586”. Tons of good info can be read here:

Installing Guard gem causes tests to fail - Solved

1 minute read Aug 18, 2011 Comments
I was tinkering with a new rails application, using RSpec2 and Cucumber for my testing. I was able to run all my tests by typing: rake spec rake cucumber This worked perfectly, but every time I’d make a change, I’d have to run both commands. So I looked into the Guard gem, after watching the excellent RailsCast by Ryan Bates. I started by adding to my gemfile: gem 'guard-spork' gem 'guard-rspec' gem 'guard-cucumber' Then to configure guard, I ran:

Poor UI Experience

2 minute read Aug 17, 2011 Comments
I was recently signing up for because it sounded like a neat little simple blurb about yourself. When trying to sign up, after entering my email address, and password, I was brought to a page asking for some basic info. However, I couldn’t figure out how to submit it. I was given this error: I filled out all the required data, and left the optional parts empty. However, it wouldn’t submit.

Cucumber testing woes - spaces

1 minute read Aug 16, 2011 Comments
So I’m working along, writing my tests, and I run into an issue where my Cucumber test is failing. I go to check it out, and see why. This is what I see: I’ve slightly outlined the relevant data in yellow. I went back, and copy/pasted the data from the creation from my factories, to the expectation of text. It still gave the same error. I was dumbfounded, as I can clearly see the exact same text in my “And I should see” as well as the actual results.
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